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Holland vs. Denmark (Go Holland against Brazil!!!!)

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We know they can do it. They know they can do it.



We're hoping for the same result against Brazil as they scored against Denmark: 2-0 to Holland!!!!!


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Personas Non-Gratas in Nigeria

Yes. Incredible as it may seem, the Nigerians have decided that we are not welcome in their country.

When calling the Nigerian embassy in South Africa two months earlier, they assured us that we can apply for a Nigerian visa here.

"You must have spoken to the security guard," said the unfriendly lady behind the bullet-proof glass in the Johannesburg consulate. Unfortunately, she was in charge of the visas that day.

"The security guard? Are you stupid?"

Like a captain for a football team, I had to pull Eduardo back. Arguing with a consular employee is never a good idea.

I tried to reason with her:
"I'm sorry, but we have bought tickets to Lagos based on the information we received from another employee here. Maybe there's something you can do? Perhaps we can speak with your supervisor?"

"What? My supervisor would get very angry with me if I asked him about something so stupid."

She wouldn't budge. Eventually we gave up.

When exiting, the security guard offered to sell us visas for R4,000 (four times the actual price). So maybe the lady was right – perhaps it was really he who picked up the phone when we called, knowing he could make some extra cash.

The next day we also found out that Bellview Airlines, the airline we were supposed to fly to Nigeria with, had gone bankrupt.

Which means we're not going to Nigeria.

End of story.


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Win or Lose – Bafana 4 Life!

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All hope was put on Bafana Bafana's shoulders. Everywhere – on cars, on office buildings, in banks, there were signs saying "We support Bafana Bafana", and "Bafana Bafana – make us proud!" The team was going to solidify South Africa's position in the world. On top, of course!


We watched the opening match between South Africa and Mexico at the Bloemfountain Fan Fest (open air viewing), in one of the poorest townships. We may have been the only tourists among tens of thousands of locals.


It was raining hard. There was thunder and lightning. And it was the best party we've ever been to. The deafening hoots of the vuvuzelas drowned out the commentaries from the match. People were dancing and singing. The only quiet moment came when Mexico scored their goal and tied 1-1. But after a couple of minutes hope was up again and the celebration ensued with a force.

Although Eduardo looks (and, according to them, sounds Mexican), everyone was warmly welcoming and friendly. Even more so when Eduardo took off his jacket and revealed his Bafana Bafana t-shirt underneath.A lady liked us so much that she called us later to make sure we got home safely.

While it doesn't seem like South Africa will qualify for the round of 16, we still support them to the end (and beyond)!

Go Bafana Bafana!!!

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Feel it – It is HERE!!!

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And the World Cup is on! Being in South Africa at this moment is absolutely amazing. The pride of the South Africans is out of this world. They feel that they have really accomplished something that no one thought that they could do, and they are showing the world that Africa is not the dark continent anymore. This is a modern, functional society, and the World Cup is going to open everyone's eyes.


Everywhere we go people are nice. More than nice. They are over-the-mon happy that foreigners have come to visit their country, their city, their village. Everyone is giving us a thumbs up. Literally.

We, as tourists, have become symbols for the change they are hoping for. New opportuinities, equality, jobs. A future.

People want to shake our hands, take photos with us, talk to us, even if we don't speak the same language. Everyone goes out of their way to help us – a cleaning woman even pulled out her own cellphone and called a business owner who had closed their business.

It's a historic moment for South Africa (and Africa). And we're so thrilled to be part of it.

Feel it. It is HERE!!!


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Lesotho Nightlife

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Cool bars in Lesotho. Would you stand in line to get into these places?



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